The Rotary International District 9125’s Governor, Rtn Sagab Ahmed Sani, expressed optimism for Nigeria, stating that the end of polio is within reach. Rotary International’s mission, which started in the early 1980s in 200 countries with endemic polio, aims to create a polio-free world,Daily Trust report.

During an 8-kilometer walk/road show to mark the occasion, Ahmed emphasized the progress made through Rotary’s Polio Eradication Initiative. Substantial advancements have been achieved in most endemic countries, with the exceptions being Afghanistan and Pakistan. He noted that approximately 99.99% of polio cases have been eradicated globally, even in the remaining two countries.

He praised the government’s active involvement in the initiative, especially in Nigeria, where relevant government agencies and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) are dedicated to polio eradication.

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Regarding the vaccine-derived virus observed in some parts of Nigeria, Ahmed mentioned that this is a common trend observed toward the final stages of virus eradication, further reinforcing the belief that polio is nearing its end.

Joshua Hassan, the chairman of the Nigerian National Polio Plus Committee for Rotary International, highlighted the significance of World Polio Day as a day to celebrate the tireless efforts and donations made by individuals committed to ending polio worldwide.

Ijeoma Agwu, President of the Rotary Club in Abuja’s Maitama district, and President of all Rotary presidents in the Federal Capital Territory, elaborated on their ongoing efforts to immunize communities. Rotary has adopted various communities, including those in rural areas of Abuja and the city itself, as part of their celebration activities that began on the 24th of the month.


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