Frontiers Healthcare Services (FHS) has vehemently denied any involvement in the Ghana Airport COVID-19 testing project, dismissing the allegations as baseless and politically motivated,leadership report.

In a press statement, FHS refuted the claims made by Ghanaian politician Okudzeto Ablakwa, describing them as false and influenced by political motives.

FHS explained that it played a significant role in facilitating the reopening of Ghana’s airspace during the pandemic. The company invested considerable resources in establishing a reliable and rapid screening system at Kotoka International Airport. This initiative required extensive efforts and resource mobilization, both domestically and internationally.

Ghana became the first country globally to implement rapid testing for incoming passengers. FHS utilized a state-of-the-art Automated Immunoassay System, approved by Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority and the Laboratory Division of the National Covid-19 Task Force. The system had a sensitivity and specificity of 99.8% and 99.3%, respectively. Hundreds of laboratory scientists and support staff were employed to ensure efficient 24/7 testing operations.

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FHS acknowledged that the initial testing cost was set at $150 due to the sophisticated nature of the testing system and the substantial investments required for infrastructure, human resources, and logistics. The company emphasized that the goal of the contractual agreement with the Government of Ghana was to facilitate affordable international travel and economic recovery during the global health emergency, not to profit from testing travelers.

FHS stated that allegations of government patronage were unfounded and baseless. The company operated independently and urged the public to disregard any contrary claims.

FHS reiterated that its efforts were crucial in protecting the health of Ghanaians during the Covid-19 pandemic. The dedication and hard work of its staff should be celebrated, and the company emphasized that high-profile controversies and unsubstantiated allegations do not diminish its significant contributions to Ghana’s Covid-19 prevention efforts.


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