The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), commonly known as Shiites, issued a plea on Tuesday for an urgent cessation of hostilities to prevent further casualties in Gaza, Palestine,Daily Trust reports.

The Israeli forces’ bombings have escalated significantly since October, leading to extensive destruction in northern Gaza and affecting the entire Strip. Civilians find themselves without safe havens amid the intensified attacks.

Commencing at the Ministry of Defence, the Islamic Movement protest concluded at the US embassy, where demonstrators voiced anti-American sentiments. They implored President Joe Biden to withdraw all support for Israel, emphasizing the need to halt the extrajudicial killing of unarmed women and children in Gaza.

Sheikh Sidi Munir Mainasara, a member of the movement, released a statement urging Nigerians to stand in solidarity with the “oppressed” Palestinians. Mainasara highlighted the relentless aggression by the Israeli Army against Palestinian civilians since October 7, 2023, resulting in the destruction of buildings, hospitals, and countless innocent lives.

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Expressing deep concern, Mainasara stated, “The atrocities are ongoing, including the Northern Gaza strip campaign, indiscriminate bombing, an unjust siege, the cutting of all means of communication, and the destruction of all hospitals, all of which are out of service.”

Calling attention to the devastating impact on Palestinian men, women, and children, Mainasara attributed the continuing atrocities to the full support of the United States, emphasizing the urgent need for a complete ceasefire. The statement concluded with a plea to the United States of America to “immediately stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza.”


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