In a recent interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Shem Obafiaye, the retired Deputy Commandant-General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), disclosed the reason behind not wearing his official kit during the decoration ceremony for his promotion to the top position,leadership reports.

Despite having retired from active service, Obafiaye explained that he received the elevated rank from the President and the Minister of Interior, along with the Commandant General, despite not being officially adorned with the new position.

The promotion was conferred by the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, alongside two of Obafiaye’s colleagues, Fasiu Adeyinka and Raji, both former commandants.

Reflecting on the global attention garnered by the viral ‘Oga at the Top’ video and its impact on his life, Obafiaye acknowledged the psychological effect it had on him. He shared that his cousin’s advice, highlighting the correlation between national recognition and embarrassment, helped him navigate through the challenging period.

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Obafiaye clarified misconceptions about his departure from service, emphasizing that he was not sacked but rather redeployed after the infamous interview incident in 2013. Following the interview, his superior instructed him to take a one-month rest before being reassigned to the Oyo State Command.

Addressing the legacy of the viral video, Obafiaye revealed that he and his wife secured a patent for the catchphrase ‘Oga at the Top.’ He humorously added that any unauthorized use of the slogan would require financial compensation.

The ‘Oga at the Top’ video, which gained widespread attention in 2013, showcased Obafiaye struggling to recall the NSCDC’s website during an interview. The short clip led to remixes, merchandise, and significant social media traction.

Obafiaye’s revelations provide insights into the events that shaped his tenure and public image during his time with the NSCDC.


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