Borno State governor, Babagana Zulum, has urged the rigorous enforcement of weight regulations on Nigerian roads to safeguard both road infrastructure and human lives,Daily Trust reports.

The governor’s plea comes in response to the practices of traders and owners of heavy-duty vehicles using the Maiduguri-Gamboru Ngala road with loads surpassing 100 tons, a situation he attributes to the road’s deteriorating condition.

Speaking on Sunday in Gamboru town, Ngala Local Government Council, Zulum criticized the actions of heavy-duty vehicle owners, labeling it as economic sabotage. He highlighted that the excessive weight exerted by these trucks accelerates road deterioration and emphasized that only stringent enforcement of weight regulations can remedy the issue.

Zulum expressed deep concern about the long-term implications of this behavior, stressing that it undermines the federal government’s initiatives to enhance and expand the state’s infrastructure, impeding economic progress and overall development.

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He remarked, “It is sad to note what has been happening here. You can see trailers loaded with over 2,000 bags of cement or sugar. That entails more than 100 tons of commodities. This trend is only seen on this road and as a result, the road leading to Gamboru Ngala has been destroyed due to overload.”

Highlighting the threat overloaded trucks pose to public safety, particularly along the Maiduguri-Gamboru Road, Governor Zulum underscored the increased risk of accidents. He also noted that the bridge connecting the Nigerian part of the border and neighboring countries faced potential collapse due to overloading.

To address these pressing concerns, Governor Zulum disclosed plans for his administration to collaborate with relevant federal agencies. He outlined a comprehensive strategy involving heightened enforcement of weight restrictions, strict imposition of penalties for violators, and the establishment of weigh stations at strategic points along major transportation routes.

While emphasizing the government’s commitment to boosting trans-border trade, Governor Zulum stressed the implementation of measures to preserve road infrastructure.


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