Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, the founder of the now-defunct Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, strongly criticized those asserting that the Bini people were the founders of Lagos. This debate resurfaced following a visit by the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos,Daily Trust reports.

In response to the Oba’s statement claiming that “It is in the history books that the Binis founded Lagos,” reactions from Lagosians and Nigerians prompted individuals like the Balogun of Eko, Abisoye Oshodi, to challenge this assertion publicly.

Expressing his disagreement in a viral video, Dokubo accused the Oba of Benin of propagating a distorted historical narrative, referring to it as a “parasitic history.” He argued that while the Benin Army did attack Lagos Island at one point, it was an attack on the island specifically, not the entirety of Lagos, including its hinterland.

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Dokubo vehemently rejected the idea that Lagos was founded by the Bini people, emphasizing that Lagos was comprised of five divisions, with the Bini army’s incursion being limited to the Lagos Island area. He criticized the lack of historical knowledge among those supporting the claim and highlighted the specific regions within Lagos that were not part of the alleged Bini foundation.

In conclusion, Dokubo questioned the logic behind the assertion that the Bini people somehow transported the land of Lagos from Benin and placed it among the Yoruba and Egun people, dismissing it as illogical and flawed.


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