The Senate Committee on Electoral Matters has announced its intention to enforce the mandatory uploading of election results by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). According to the committee chairman, Senator Sharafadeen Alli, the existing law does not require INEC to upload results, but the committee is actively working on amending the legislation,Daily Trust reports.

Senator Alli revealed to Channels TV on Tuesday that making the uploading of results mandatory is a crucial aspect they are addressing in their legislative amendments. He emphasized that while the current law does not mandate INEC to upload results, the committee is committed to making it an obligatory practice in future electoral processes.

In addition to the push for mandatory result uploads, the committee is considering various electoral reforms. Senator Alli outlined two key proposals: first, the resolution of all pre-election matters before the actual election takes place, and second, the enhancement of election technology.

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The committee aims to streamline the legal processes related to election petitions, advocating for the resolution of pre-election matters prior to the election itself. Furthermore, they are exploring measures to conclude election petitions before the swearing-in of candidates. Senator Alli pointed out that setting a specific timeframe for filing and concluding election petitions would prevent scenarios where individuals are sworn in before the resolution of legal challenges.

Addressing technological aspects, Senator Alli acknowledged past disappointments with the use of technology in elections, citing issues with the IReV system. He mentioned the committee’s commitment to ensuring technological improvements, urging INEC to address previous challenges and enhance the efficiency of election-related technologies.


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