Rain Pryor, daughter of the renowned American comedian and actor Richard Pryor, has initiated the filming of her groundbreaking Nollywood-Hollywood film project in Nigeria,leadership reports.

The as-yet-unnamed film delves into the Yoruba Ifa Mythology, a subject Rain has delved into extensively over the years, culminating in her decision to create a movie around it.

Rain, an accomplished actress with a repertoire that includes various film and TV credits, as well as sitcoms such as Head of the Class and Rude Awakening, is making her directorial debut with this cross-cultural endeavor that brings together talents from both Nollywood and Hollywood. Leading the cast is Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola, portraying the character of Oba Fagbemi.

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Expressing her admiration for Nollywood, Rain highlighted the surge of Nollywood content in the United States through platforms like Netflix. She specifically cited Adekola’s acting prowess, noting that he possesses the qualities needed for the character of Oba Fagbemi.

The 53-year-old actress, who has taken on the name Osunyemi Oriomodun (Osun Priestess), sees the project as transformative, drawing parallels to her late father’s profound experience in Africa. She shared, “My father made profound changes in his life when he came to Africa, and felt that he found his soul and himself, and here I am, doing the same thing, finding my place.”

The project marks a significant collaboration between Hollywood and Nollywood, with Rain confident that its rich and cross-cultural narrative will captivate audiences in both the United States and Nigeria. Collaborating closely with her are Nigerian filmmaker Bola Attah and Arts Consultant Chike Nwoffiah, who serve as executive directors, contributing their expertise to the film’s success.


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