A group of demonstrators have taken to the streets in Kano State, opposing the impending use of force to address the Niger coup crisis. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had instructed the military forces of its member states to remain prepared.

On Saturday, these protesters engaged in a march to express their dissatisfaction with the planned military intervention in Niger Republic. As they proceeded, they vocalized slogans like, “Nigeriens are our kin, our brethren; Niger is our shared home. We reject war; the aggression against Niger is unjust, a scheme orchestrated by external powers.”

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They showcased the flags of both Nigeria and Niger, and held up signs adorned with anti-war messages. This movement arose amidst strong appeals from various quarters, particularly from individuals in the Northern regions, who view Nigeriens as neighboring compatriots with whom they share commonalities.


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