Plan International Nigeria, an organization dedicated to girls’ and child rights, has expressed commendation for the Bauchi State House of Assembly and the Governor for the approval and endorsement of the child rights law,Daily Trust report.

Governor Bala Mohammed officially signed the state’s 2024 budget into law on December 28, 2023, and concurrently affirmed his assent to the child rights bill, which had been passed by the state’s legislators.

Bauchi now becomes the final among the 36 states in Nigeria to adopt the child rights law established in 2005 during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Charles Usie, the Country Director of Plan International Nigeria, lauded the lawmakers and the governor for their unwavering commitment to ensuring legal protection for children in Bauchi State. He praised them for fulfilling their pledge to pass and ultimately enact the bill into law.

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“We are thrilled by the approval of the child rights bill in Bauchi state, and we believe it marks the commencement of a transformative journey for children and girls in the state, enabling them to live a life free from stagnation, deprivation, and abuse,” he remarked.

Usie urged the state government, development partners, and relevant stakeholders to formulate an implementation framework facilitating the practical application of the new laws for the benefit of children in the state. Additionally, he called on the state government to reinforce its commitment to child rights by demonstrating political will and determination through budgetary allocations.

Plan International Nigeria has been actively involved in Bauchi since 2016, undertaking projects related to maternal and menstrual health, and contributing to the development of crucial policies for the advancement of children’s and women’s rights.

In November 2023, Plan International Nigeria organized a three-day orientation in Abuja for Bauchi state lawmakers regarding the pending child rights bill. During the event, the legislators pledged to expedite the review and passage of the bill before the close of 2023.


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