A statement released by the Niger Delta Development Agenda emphasized the determination of regional stakeholders to resist any attempts to alter the existing security system safeguarding oil pipelines. The group also expressed its disapproval of an ex-agitator from Ondo State who sought to obstruct the renewal of the surveillance contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited, despite the company’s notable achievements in land and sea surveillance and security,leadership reports.

The group conveyed its satisfaction with Tantita’s performance in safeguarding oil pipelines within the region. They decried the hidden agenda behind the cancellation of Tantita’s contract, asserting that Tantita had successfully thwarted the activities of an international oil cartel engaged in crude oil theft in the Ondo creeks.

In a statement jointly issued by its chairman, Chief Ezekiel Ugedi; secretary, Efemena Ejomafuvwe; and publicity secretary, Orighomisan Ezekiel, the group highlighted Tantita’s success compared to the former Ondo agitator’s efforts.

The statement also revealed that Tantita’s efforts were expanding to Bayelsa and Rivers states, which had provoked opposition from collaborators acting on behalf of their sponsors.

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The group added, “Tantita’s destruction of illegal crude refining camps that dotted the landscape of Rivers State is responsible for clearing the smog from the atmosphere in the state. Nearly all communities were involved in the illegal crude business, financed by major oil thieves, making it easy for culprits to evade arrest. These oil thieves also enjoyed support from a few law enforcement agents who protected them and were never held accountable.”

The statement further described how oil cartels attempted to manipulate host communities by funding protests on their behalf, citing an example in Koko, Delta State.

The group emphasized that the recent uproar from Bayelsa and Rivers states aimed to divert attention from the ongoing operation of illegal refineries in both states and sought to prevent Tantita from operating in those areas.

The group firmly believed that Tantita would thoroughly address the challenges in those states and restore order, ultimately leading to increased crude oil production and enhanced national oil revenue. This would enable the government to fund infrastructure projects and fulfill its commitments to the people.

The group also revealed that Tantita had made efforts to identify and offer amnesty to most of the individuals responsible for crude oil theft, but these efforts were often met with resistance, as the profitability of illegal activities outweighed the benefits of legal pursuits.

In conclusion, the group stressed that these national saboteurs prioritized illicit profiteering over national interests, making cooperation with the federal government unlikely. They called for decisive action to apprehend those involved in illegal activities, signaling the next phase of Tantita Security Services Limited’s mission.


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