Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed has strongly condemned the actions of informants who aid the gunmen causing terror in communities within the state, going so far as to assert that these informants are even worse than the bandits themselves,leadership reports.

The governor made these remarks during his visit to his hometown, Gajin-Duguri, located in the Alkaleri local government area. This visit followed a successful operation by a combined security team that resulted in the rescue of 33 individuals who had been kidnapped.

Governor Mohammed expressed concern about the fertile ground that these bandits find among the local populace and announced his commitment to working closely with security agencies. He stated that specialized teams of investigators, known as Criminal Investigation Department (CID) personnel, would be dispatched to the villages to uncover those individuals colluding with the bandits.

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In his words, “Those people are worse than the bandits. I assure you those who are compromising are worse and they may face even harsher consequences than the bandits themselves. We will not allow anyone to force us out of our ancestral land. Instead, we are prepared to make sacrifices to protect ourselves.”

Governor Mohammed further demonstrated his dedication to improving security by pledging his monthly salary and allowances to support the efforts of security operatives and local hunters operating in the region. He specifically committed to providing two million Naira each month to the two districts involved.

It’s worth noting that the rescued victims, including women and children, had been abducted while returning from a local market in Marrarabn-Liman Katagum.


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