The leaders of the military coup in Niger Republic have declared their intent to prosecute ousted President Mohamed Bazoum on charges of “high treason and undermining internal and external security” of the nation.

Bazoum, aged 63, has been held at the official presidential residence since the coup on July 26.

In a statement broadcast on national television, Junta spokesman Amadou Abdramane announced on Sunday that Bazoum had been allowed to see his doctors the previous day, and his health was reported to be satisfactory.

“After the medical examination, the doctor did not raise any concerns about the health condition of the deposed president and his family members,” Abdramane stated. “

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The Nigerien government has now accumulated sufficient evidence to bring the deposed president and his domestic and foreign associates to justice before both national and international authorities for charges of high treason and jeopardizing Niger’s internal and external security.”


The military junta conveyed to a delegation of Islamic representatives from neighboring Nigeria on Sunday that they are receptive to dialogue and diplomatic solutions to the ongoing crisis, which has prompted economic sanctions from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Ali Mahamane Lamine Zeine, Niger’s newly appointed prime minister under the junta, remarked, “We have reached an agreement, and our country’s leadership has given the go-ahead for dialogue. The Muslim delegation will relay our message to the Nigerian President, conveying our stance. We anticipate that in the forthcoming days, representatives from ECOWAS will engage in discussions with us here, addressing the lifting of the sanctions imposed against us.”

The junta highlighted the impact of ECOWAS sanctions, expressing concerns that these measures were impeding access to essential necessities such as medication, food, and electricity.

Last week, ECOWAS made the decision to deploy a standby force to Niger with the aim of reinstating constitutional order within the nation.


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