The collective assembly of Baales and residents from Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, have enthusiastically praised Dangote Refinery for its commendable social responsibility endeavors. They have expressed deep gratitude towards the company for its significant contributions towards essential infrastructure within their communities,leadership report.

The company’s initiatives encompassed the thorough repair of entrance roads for the 15 host communities, involving processes such as grading, sand filling, and the application of stone base. As a result, community members can now access their homes without having to navigate through waterlogged areas.

High Chief Mufutau Dauda, the Baale of Magbon-Segun, conveyed, “Dangote Refinery has displayed a remarkable commitment to social responsibility, evident through numerous tangible projects that span across all our host communities, extending even to Lekki.” He further elaborated, “We offer our heartfelt prayers for Aliko Dangote.

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In fact, I personally dedicated a special prayer for him in our community mosque this very morning. His contributions to our communities are truly remarkable. While he undoubtedly has the capacity for more, his current efforts are genuinely commendable.”

Chief Dauda highlighted the educational endeavors of Dangote Refinery, revealing, “Our youth are being educated within the refinery premises, and they have already excelled in the Level 1 and Level 2 examinations for City & Guilds certification in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Their upcoming Level 3 certification examination holds great promise.”

Echoing these sentiments, High Chief Shakiru Bello, the Baale of Okeyanta, lauded the scholarship initiative initiated by Dangote in 2019. He expressed, “When they first introduced the scholarship program for secondary and tertiary students, there were doubts about its sustainability. However, they have consistently expanded the number of beneficiaries each year, a truly praiseworthy achievement.”

Mr. Akinola Yinusa, a member of the Okesegun community, shared his perspective, revealing, “The benefits of the Refinery are immense for our community. My younger brother is employed there, and my third daughter was a beneficiary of the scholarship scheme last year. I am genuinely pleased.”

He urged Dangote to continue its efforts in providing employment opportunities for qualified graduates who are native to the Lekki Free Trade Zone. Similarly, Ambali Useni, a youth leader, reiterated the collective commitment of the local population to ensure harmonious operations of the company. This harmony, he emphasized, would serve the interests of both the state and the nation at large.

The array of communities impacted by these initiatives includes Idasho, Ilekuru, Okeyanta, Magbon-Segun, Okesegun, Itoke, Idotun, Alasia, Okunraiye, and Lekki towns, as well as Imobido, Tiye, Mosa, Ilege, and Olomowewe.

High Chief S.A. Adeyemi, in his remarks, extended gratitude to the management of Dangote Refinery for their persistent efforts in bringing about positive changes in their host communities. He described the company’s social performance record as highly impressive. He stressed that the reciprocal actions of community leaders and residents would ensure continued peace, facilitating an environment for Dangote Refinery to enhance its contributions even further.


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