A man has told the court he no longer wants his wife, Hilda Mleya, 30 years old, anymore because she is too beautiful, the Nigerian Tribune reports.

Arnold Masuka, the complainant, who is 40 years old made this claim before the local court at Lusaka.

According to Zambia Observer, Arnold was divorcing his wife because of her beauty which was giving him sleepless nights.

The situation got so bad that he was afraid of going to work or leaving her alone as he feared she would be snatched by other men.

The Chief clerk, Mr Chenjerai Chireya, said it was his first time to handle such a case.

Arnold had decided to use the court to separate with his wife after realising that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

He told the court that his wife smiles all the time and he fears this might draw attention from other man.

Ruling on the matter, Chief Chireya requested the two families to settle the issue with the couple.


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