A 102-year-old female native of the United Kingdom, Joyce Jackman, has revealed that the secret to her long life on earth is good sex.

Joyce who celebrated her 102nd birthday on May 9 seems to have proved beyond doubt that the secret to a long life is in the libido.

According to her, while speaking to the staff at her Essex care home, “Good sex and good sherry” are the combination that has helped her live for more than a century.

Celebrating the milestone birthday with her family, the former Royal Air Force chef wished the day would never end.

Overwhelmed with excitement Joyce expressed disbelief she could hit such old age.

“I had such a lovely day. I can’t believe I’m 102,” she exclaimed.

“It must be all the chocolate I eat that’s helped!”, she told South West News Service.

When she was younger, Jackman worked in a candy store before joining the Royal Air Force as a cook during World War II.

She married her childhood sweetheart, Terence Jackman, in 1945 when the war ended, and the pair went on to live a happy life together.

Although she never had children of her own, Jackman loved to help out looking after the kids in her neighbourhood, recalling baking with her mother and going out with her friends.


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