The inhabitants of Ghari, previously identified as Kunchi Local Government Area in Kano State, express profound gratitude to dedicated individuals and authorities responsible for the successful name change of their council,Daily Trust report.

A recent visit to the local government headquarters by our correspondent revealed that both the young and old alike were content with the name change, viewing it as a symbol of achievement and triumph.

There was a prevailing belief that the former name, Kunchi, had a negative impact on the well-being of the local population, including those residing beyond its borders.

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According to Daily Trust Saturday, the Kano State House of Assembly officially renamed Kunchi Local Government Area to Ghari, following the fifth amendment of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The new name, Ghari, translates to “land” in Hausa, reflecting the local terrain and culture.

Situated in the southern region of Kano State, Ghari (formerly Kunchi) has a population exceeding 200,000 residents. The administrative headquarters, covering Ridawa, Matan Fada, Shamakawa, Kasuwar, Kuka, Yamdadi Shuwaki, Gwarmi, Bumai, Garin Sheme, is now located in Kunchi town of Kunchi district.

Ghari Local Government Area comprises 10 wards and falls under the same federal constituency as Tsanyawa Local Government Area.

Last year, former President Muhammadu Buhari signed 16 constitutional amendment bills into law, making the change of name from Kunchi to Ghari legally binding.

While some residents welcome the change, considering Ghari a more appropriate representation of their land, others express concerns about potential confusion and disruption.

The decision has sparked debates, with some residents viewing it as a positive step, while others argue that it deviates from standard Hausa orthography. Nevertheless, the majority welcomes the development.

A resident of Ghari town, Murtala Sarkin Fulani, expressed gratitude for the change, emphasizing the negative connotations associated with the former name and expressing optimism for progress.

The village head of Ghari, Isiyaku Aminu, highlighted the adverse effects of the former name on progress, stating that it diverted positive opportunities away from the community.

Daily Trust Saturday noted that even before the official approval, some shops and businesses had already adopted the new name, reflecting a collective dislike for the previous designation, Kunchi.

Residents of the area are predominantly farmers of grain and perishable food items, and Audu Chiroma, a historian and representative of the district head of Ghari Local Government Area, Alhaji Aliyu Ado Bayero, expressed gratitude for the change, anticipating positive developments and increased peace and unity in the community.


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