The Zamfara Conflict Resolution Concern Forum (ZCRC) has expressed strong disapproval of the state government’s handling of the situation concerning the kidnapping of female students from Federal University Gusau. They have called for the declaration of a state of emergency in response,Daily Trust reports.

The group has cautioned that the government appears to be treating the matter with insufficient seriousness and, instead, is politicizing the security crisis. Tukur Sabi Gusau, the Chairman of ZCRC, made these remarks in response to a video clip and photographs that allegedly depicted state government officials engaged in negotiations with leaders of the bandits. He issued this statement in Abuja.

Gusau remarked, “This contradicts the government’s prior stance against negotiating with criminals. It is regrettable that the government under Dauda Lawal is displaying hypocrisy. We reemphasize our call for the federal government to declare a state of emergency in the state as the only viable option if they are genuinely committed to addressing the situation here.”

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He further elaborated, “Governor Lawal’s inability, preparedness, or resolve to handle the crisis has become apparent. The recent footage of his commissioner negotiating with the bandits only reinforces his indecisiveness, wavering, and instability as the leader of a state in turmoil.”

Gusau expressed deep sympathy for the families of the kidnapped students, who have been pleading with the government to take swift and resolute action to rescue their loved ones. He emphasized that the longer the government delays, the more perilous the situation becomes for these innocent young women. He stressed the necessity for all stakeholders, including civil society organizations, religious leaders, and the general public, to unite with a shared objective of safely recovering the abducted girls. Only then, he noted, can justice be truly served and society be freed from fear and insecurity.

Gusau acknowledged that it remains uncertain whether the federal government will respond to this appeal, but he emphasized that the safety and well-being of the kidnapped female students must be the foremost priority, and all possible measures should be taken to secure their release.


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