Hooligans unlawfully entered a government storage facility in Gwagwa town, located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), on Sunday, and proceeded to pilfer stored food supplies,Daily Trust reports.

According to some residents who spoke to Daily Trust, a group of young individuals forced their way into the warehouse situated in the Tasha area of the community around 7 am, stealing bags of maize and grain.

Jaafar Aminu, a resident, reported that the looting persisted without interruption until 9 am when he communicated with our reporter.

He further noted that additional residents from neighboring Jiwa and Karmo towns converged on the site, intending to join in the plunder.

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This influx of people caused a traffic standstill on the Gwagwa-Karmo road, which connects to Dei-Dei and Jabi axes.

Aminu revealed that he departed the scene with injuries.

Christopher Agbo, another resident, remarked that the looters did not hesitate to take even the barriers used to secure the premises, grabbing anything they deemed valuable from the warehouse.

It’s worth recalling that this warehouse was previously ransacked during the Covid-19 lockdown, with grain bags and intervention equipment being stolen by the perpetrators.

Following their raid on the storage facility, the marauding youths proceeded towards the Idu Industrial Estate, an area hosting both private and government-owned warehouses.

At the time of reporting, there was an absence of security personnel to address the attacks.

However, when reached for comment, FCT police spokesperson, SP Josephine Adeh, assured that law enforcement was already on the scene attempting to restore order.


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