The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) orchestrated the closure of electricity distribution companies (DisCos) and the offices of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) nationwide,leadership reports.

Prompted by the recent surge in electricity tariffs by NERC and the DisCos, the unions demanded the reclamation of public electricity assets during their protests.

At the NERC headquarters in Abuja, organized labor leaders voiced their opposition to the tariff hike, brandishing placards with messages like “We are not a generator Republic” and “Let the poor breathe. Give us affordable and constant light,” reflecting widespread frustration with the state of the power sector.

NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero criticized the privatization efforts as a failure and called for a reversal, emphasizing the disproportionate impact of tariff hikes on wage earners unable to adjust to the rising costs.

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He highlighted the plight of workers facing stagnant wages amidst increasing utility prices, stressing the adverse effects on small and medium-sized enterprises, vital to Nigeria’s informal economy.

Ajaero reaffirmed the rejection of the tariff hike and urged the government to honor previous agreements, including a halt to further increases until specific conditions, such as a review of the privatization process and widespread distribution of prepaid meters, are met.

In response, NERC Chairman Sanusi Garba assured consideration of concerns raised, particularly regarding tariff affordability and energy source diversification.

Labor actions extended to various states, with offices of DisCos and NERC picketed in Plateau, Ebonyi, Ondo, Bayelsa, Adamawa, Osun, Kebbi, and Ekiti, demonstrating widespread discontent with the tariff hikes nationwide.


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