Wife of Kebbi Governor, Dr Zainab Bagudu has called for improved funding of education in the country to boost national development.

Bagudu spoke at an interactive session with Journalists in Abuja on her eight-year stewardship from 2015 to date.

She said: ”There is really a need for more money for education. It should be accorded the topmost priority.

”Every sector needs more funding, but education needs it more. It is the mother of all sectors. Education effects all sectors.”

The wife of the Kebbi Governor further specifically spoke of the need to educate the girl-child and empower the Nigerian woman.

She added, ”when you educate the girl-child, you educate the society and the girl-child is therefore very crucial in the society.

”So, if we educate the girl-child, we will have a better society. Education is surely very important.”

On the recently introduced cashless policy and the attendant cash crunch, Bagudu described it as very good policy, saying that it would allow Nigerians to leverage on the importance of technology.

According to the Medical Consultant: ”However, the current cash crunch in the country is very unfortunate.

”Change of currency is not a new thing in Nigeria as it is being done globally. President Muhammadu Buhari has offered some respite in his broadcast on Thursday.

” CBN should also release more of the new Naira notes into circulation as well as the old N200 notes.

”The people are waiting longer in the queues at ATM machines in the banks and they are suffering.

”Its making far-reaching impact on the economy although the cashless policy is good, ti should be made more seamless.”

On the 2023 general elections, Bugudu said APC was widely accepted by the people of Kebbi and Nigeria.

The Chairperson of the Northwest APC PCC Women wing added that Kebbi people had stood out in the country.

”We are reaching out to the people and everything has been great. In sha Allahu, APC will emerge victorious during the polls at all levels,” Bagudu added.

On her legacy after leaving office and her husband, she said that posterity and the people would judge them.

”We have done our best and there have been a myriad of programmes and policies to bolster the welfare, comfort and security of the people of the state.

”Challenges will always come but we must surely overcome them and life will continue to be better,” she added.

Bagudu also said that the Kebbi society was a male dominated one, urging, ”it should be made less masculine.

”Women too need step up and be more confident, educate themselves , learn more and do more to make the society better.”

Bagudu also disclosed that she would return to the clinic at the end of their tenure on May 29, 2023.

”I will go back to the clinic and I have a 16-year old daughter that I need to be closer to. I thank my husband, all the stakeholders and the people of the state,” she said. (NAN)


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