Residents in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, are contending with soaring prices of essential commodities, vegetables, and poultry,Daily Trust reports.

During a tour of the capital city, our correspondent observed that prices have doubled and, in some cases, almost tripled.

Numerous buyers interviewed at the markets expressed how the surge in prices has compelled them to tighten budgets and refrain from unnecessary trips.

Abigail Joseph, speaking at Gambarou market, shared, “A basket of onions that used to cost N2,000 is now N4,000. Prices of tomatoes, pepper, and meat have also doubled. A chicken previously priced at N6,000 is now being sold for N11,000. That’s why we opted for beef this time around.”

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At Pompomari Bypass, where our correspondent visited a poultry market, the number of buyers was significantly low due to the steep costs.

Elizabeth, a customer, decried the exorbitant prices, stating, “I purchased chickens of the same size from this seller for N6,000 three weeks ago, and now he’s asking for N11,000. It’s too much.”

She called for government intervention to regulate prices, emphasizing that if the government does not step in, protests may ensue as the economic challenges become unbearable.

At Gambarou Abbatoir, Malam Ali Goza attributed the rising meat prices to a recent shortage of livestock.

He explained, “The number of cows and camels we slaughter has decreased, impacting meat prices. Before the sanctions on Niger Republic, we used to slaughter at least 100 cows and 30 camels daily. However, since the sanctions, the supply of livestock to the market has significantly reduced.”


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