Mr. David Umahi, the Minister of Works, is urging civil servants to align themselves with his vision of delivering high-quality infrastructure for the country. He emphatically warns that no civil servant possesses the ability to obstruct his endeavors,Dailytrust report.

During an interaction with contractors and senior civil servants within the ministry, Umahi emphasized his commitment to instilling discipline and diligence into the system. He stressed that his files should not linger on any official’s desk for more than two hours.

Umahi firmly asserted, “No civil servant can thwart my efforts. Keeping my file in your office for more than two hours is unacceptable; don’t even attempt it.” He underscored that his ultimate accountability was to the Almighty God and President Bola Tinubu.

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He called upon civil servants to perform their duties diligently, recognizing that Nigerians yearn for change, and the government cannot afford to disappoint them.

Furthermore, the Minister likened misusing public funds to afflictions like cancer, leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and others, proclaiming that anyone misappropriating such funds under his watch would face severe consequences.

While inspecting the Abuja-Lokoja road alongside Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, Umahi expressed dissatisfaction with the work on Jamata bridge, near Lokoja. He pointed out that the area was prone to flooding, which hadn’t been adequately considered in the ongoing project. He announced plans to recommend a 1.6-kilometer flyover to address this issue.

The Minister urged contractors to rethink and redesign roads with concrete pavement, emphasizing their durability, irreversibility, and minimal maintenance requirements. He encouraged contractors to submit quotations for concrete road projects, highlighting concrete’s ability to withstand various stresses.

Umahi pledged to introduce modern technology and innovations from advanced countries to Nigeria, including solutions for providing solar lighting in areas with limited sunlight. He underscored the need to restore confidence in road usage, citing that a significant percentage of kidnappings occur along highways.

In conclusion, the Minister assured contractors that they could expect substantial profits while collaborating with him. He emphasized the importance of completing projects within two years to ensure adequate funding during the initial phases of budgeting.


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