A Bauchi-based online platform, Xchange Hama Media and a Lagos-based Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ) have engaged Tiyin community in Warji LGA of Bauchi State in sensitization drive to deepen accountability and inclusion at grassroots.

The duo, with support from MacArthur Foundation, have trained 20 people from community groups to carryout media campaign on social justice, accountability and inclusion to raise awareness among participants so as to improve governance and development initiatives.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Xchange Hama Media, Dr Ibrahim Disina ably represented by Aminu Naganye, an expert in accountability and social justice, delivered a presentation titled “Stimulating Community Action on Accountability: Conversation Around Abandoned Projects.” In his presentation, he emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in government projects and initiatives.

He encouraged participants to take ownership of their rights and responsibilities towards ensuring that public funds were used effectively and efficiently.

He made reference to abandoned constituency project located between Rumba and Baima communities in Tiyin area of Warji LGA which could have impacted people positively but was abandoned.

He added “Xchange Hama Media had done an investigative story on the project that led to adding some flesh to the project but still remained abandoned, uncompleted.”

Hama Media Sensitized 20 Community Accountability Advocates In Jama’are LGA

He sensitized that the communities that non-completion of the project affected their inter-communal movement must not allow to waste, hence he urged them put more efforts in demanding accountability to see to completion of the project.

Speaking on inclusion especially of women and persons with disabilities (PWDs), argued that “Involving Marginalized Groups Such As Women and PWDs  reduces exclusion.”

 His stressed the need on the critical role of empowerment and participation of marginalized groups in achieving sustainable development in communities.

He emphasized the need to break down barriers and promote inclusivity in all aspects of development initiatives.

The one-day sensitization revolved around the importance of stimulating community actions towards accountability for abandoned projects and the need for conversations around these issues to prevent them from becoming a burden on society.

Xchange Hama Media selected twenty participants in consultation with the Community for the program.

In an earlier welcome address, Dr. Ibrahim Disina who, challenged the participants to actively propagate the gospel of accountability for the overall interest of their society.

Speaking on behalf of the participant, Musa Mohammed, disclosed that that was the first time that any individual or organization enlightened them on issues related to accountability and how they can leverage on media campaigns to better their lots.

He explained that fear of persecution, political vendetta, solo struggle and lack of knowledge of appropriate channels to convey their grievances and complete absence of basic knowledge of accountability are hurdles to pushing the boundary of accountability as an important part of democracy in the community.

He commended the organizers for simplifying the process and empowering them to be resilient and watchful of their communities to hold relevant individuals or authorities accountable in the interest of the community.


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