Xchange Hama Media, an accountability platform based in Bauchi, has trained a Bauchi community, Wuntin Dada on accountability and inclusion. The initiative is part of a collaborative project aimed at empowering communities to take charge of change within their societies.

During the one-day sensitization outreach, local residents were educated on effective methods to hold individuals, organizations, agencies, and institutions accountable for issues affecting their community.

The event featured an accountability advocate who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Xchange Hama Media, Dr Ibrahim Disina.

Dr Disina during the engagement stressed the importance of investigative reporting in holding power to account. He highlighted the platform’s exposé that documented how World Bank-supported water project worth 20 billion naira in Bauchi communities, which remains abandoned despite substantial investment.

Represented by Aminu Naganye, a staff of the organziation, Dr Disina urged the community to remain steadfast in demanding their fair share and holding leaders and individuals accountable to enhance the well-being of the populace. He stressed the importance of stimulating community-driven initiatives to boost the government’s commitment to the water project, emphasizing the need for community involvement in decision-making processes to promote inclusivity and effective project management.

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Dr. Disina stressed the connection between social justice, inclusion, and grassroots development, cautioning against discrimination and inequality that perpetuate exclusion and marginalization. He also discussed strategies for advancing accountability, social justice, and inclusion through media campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.

The CEO suggested various approaches for the Wuntin Dada community to promote accountability, including organizing public meetings and town hall sessions, establishing a community watchdog group, and leveraging social and traditional media for awareness campaigns to encourage community participation.

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Dr. Ibrahim Adam Disina explained that the program’s objectives were to educate participants about accountability, social justice, and inclusion while fostering a culture of transparency, fairness, and equality in society. He emphasized that the program aimed to create awareness about the importance of these values and encourage individuals and groups to take action to improve their communities and enhance grassroots democracy.

Speaking on behalf of the Wuntin Dada community, Mal Musa Abubakar expressed gratitude to the platform for empowering them to demand their rightful share from relevant authorities.

He stated their commitment to pursuing their rights and addressing the pressing issue of water scarcity in their community.

The sensitization program was conducted in partnership with the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ) and received support from the MacArthur Foundation.


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