In a collaborative effort between Operation Hadin Kai troops and the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), a significant blow has been dealt to Boko Haram insurgents in the Sambisa Forest. Between August 4 and 5, 2023, these combined forces executed a daring operation that resulted in the neutralization of 11 Boko Haram terrorists, while an additional four were captured alive within the forest’s fringes in Bama local government area of Borno State.

Reliable intelligence sources shared this remarkable achievement with Zagazola Makama, a distinguished Counter-Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst specializing in the Lake Chad region. The troops orchestrated an unprecedented incursion into Boko Haram hideouts located in Bula Shetan, Lawanti, Garin Ari Shira, Kashimri, and Gaizuwa, successfully clearing these areas of terrorist presence.

During this operation, a fierce gunfight unfolded as the troops engaged the terrorists in Garin Ari Shira. The valiant troops emerged victorious, eliminating five terrorists and taking control of the situation. Regrettably, due to the intensity of the conflict, the village itself was engulfed in flames.

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Continuing their resolute pursuit, the troops advanced to Alafa. However, the insurgents had fled their homes upon hearing the approaching forces, evading direct confrontation.

As the troops commenced their withdrawal, Boko Haram attempted an ambush at Lawanti, launching a rapid and unexpected attack. Unfazed, the troops effectively repelled the assault and managed to eliminate one of the terrorists involved.

Upon close examination, the neutralized terrorists were discovered to be in possession of locally-made explosive devices, bicycles, and various other items associated with their operations.

In a parallel operation on August 5, the troops targeted another terrorists’ hideout in Kashimri, where they successfully eliminated five insurgents. Despite several escaping, a determined pursuit led to the capture of four terrorists alive in Gaizuwa.

These commendable actions by the joint forces underscore their unwavering commitment to combating the Boko Haram threat and reestablishing peace in the region. This coordinated effort reflects a significant setback for the insurgents and serves as a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of Operation Hadin Kai and the Civilian Joint Task Force.


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