A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has taken a swipe at the Presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, saying that he always dances at his campaign rallies because he has nothing to say, The Daily Times reports.

Dogara who lauded the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), for opposing the Muslim, Muslim ticket, said the sin of Tinubu is not only insulting the Nigerian Christians for choosing the same faith ticket, but that he has a staggering allegation of fraud and corruption.

The former Speaker stated this at the weekend in Jos during an investiture, Award, Prayer and Book Launch held at the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), headquarters, organised by the Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors (ACIPA).

Describing Tinubu as a con artist, who only wants to rule Nigeria for what he will get out of it, Dogara warns Christians not to waste their votes on a man who arranged for his mother to be buried in secret.

According to him: “Tinubu only dances in his campaign because he has nothing to say to you and when he has the courage to talk, all you hear is that it is my turn to chop.

“We are not looking for those who will come to Aso Rock to chop, we are not looking for those who go about with knives, spoons and forks. We are looking for a man who will bake the cake that Nigerians can eat.

“If Tinubu cannot talk to you when he is seeking your votes, is it when he is in power that he will talk to you? Which one is easier, to talk to you when he is campaigning, or to explain himself when he is ultimately in power.

“When he manages to talk he is pledging one thing to a group of people and another thing to another group of people. That is a perfect act of a corn artist and I must assure us all that it is all a scam.

“No leader leads people to where he has never been. Any leader who promises to lead you where he has never been is just a flat liar.

“Every leader reproduces what he is, if you elect Tinubu as president, it will be a laud statement to the world that this is who we are”, Dogara said.

Rating other leading presidential candidates Dogara scored them in according to what he described as their tract records, visibility, good social relations virtues of unity and brotherhood.

While concerning Atikuwhile he said,” God forbid that we should imagine that he is perfect but we can not deny that he is by far the most experienced and that what he has done for the Northern Church has no known parallels in Nigerian’s history.”

The former speaker added that, “This was one of his major appeals to some of us who endorsed his candidature. In case we have forgotten, let me remind us of Governors Boni Haruna and Jolly Nyame who governed Adamawa and Taraba states for 8 and 10years respectfully with the full backing of Atiku.

He also argued that Atiku was his only backer at that level when he ran and won the speakership race nearly 8 years ago stressing that the former vice president said clearly then that since the President is a Muslim and the Senate President was going to be another muslim, if we must not spit on the legacies of Sardauna and other foundation fathers of our nation, the position of the speakership must go to a Christian.

According to Dogara Atiku came under serious pressure to change his position but he held firm to his conviction until he won the race adding that among the first two, Atiku remains the best presidential option for the nation judging from experience, performance and social relations established over the years.

“Believe me there are other compelling stories that time will not permit me to share. In addition Atiku has a strong partner in a Governor who is not just a Christian but a man of abiding faith in Nigeria and our people. I am convinced that together they will provide the needed leadership to unite Nigerians of all creed and lay a solid path to prosperity for all.”

Earlier in his welcome address, Chairman ACIPA, Rev. Luke Shehu, said with discernment and after wide consultations, he did not see APC coming back to power in 2023.

He said ACIPA in the nineteen northern states are aware of this position as they have networks with their allies across southern Nigeria.

“We in the north cannot waste our vote where there is no light, especially considering the gross failure of government on all fronts.

“The failed and unkept promises of decimating terrorists, revamping the economy and creating employment opportunities. Rather the north has been turned to the poverty capital of Nigeria with a daily harvest of death among the Christians and Muslims”, he said.

Shehu said he sees a president that will spring up surprises where many will come to judgement among the rich and the affluent. It shall be judgement from above and from man.

“The desolate lands shall blossom and many shall begin to rejoice”, he said.


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