Labour leaders in the country expressed their concerns about the hardships faced by Nigerian workers due to the current economic challenges arising from the removal of fuel subsidy and inflation,Daily Trust reports.

They highlighted the significant surge in transportation costs and the astronomical rise in food prices, pointing out the severe impact on the financial well-being of Nigerian workers.

During the opening ceremony of the 28th annual national management/industrial relations seminar in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, on Monday, the labour leaders addressed the issue. The seminar’s theme was “Creative and Innovative Strategies To Manage Workers Expectations and Reality In a Challenging Economy.”

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Comrade Segun David, the National President of the Chemical and Non-Metallic Products Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (CANMPSSAN), emphasized the dire situation by stating that “The take-home of every worker cannot take them to the company gate.” He urged the government to take more proactive measures to enhance the welfare of Nigerian workers amid these challenging circumstances.

Furthermore, the union leader provided counsel to Nigerian workers, advising them to develop strategies for managing expectations amidst declining incomes and inflation resulting from the subsidy removal.


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