Sonny Echono, the Executive Secretary (ES) of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), has emphasized the pivotal role of desk officers in facilitating the day-to-day interactions between the Fund and beneficiary institutions. Echono emphasized that the lack of understanding of these processes by desk officers could impede the successful implementation of projects.

Echono revealed this insight during a workshop held in Makurdi, focused on TETFund Intervention Programs in Beneficiary Institutions. The workshop aimed to foster discussions on ways to enhance operations and ensure seamless access to interventions, as well as their effective implementation by institutions.

He underscored the importance of institutions selecting capable and knowledgeable desk officers and positioning them strategically. Echono cautioned against appointing inexperienced desk officers, stating that they should be well-versed in TETFund’s guidelines and objectives.

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The chosen theme for the workshop, ‘Improving TETFund Intervention Programs and Processes in Beneficiary Institutions,’ was deliberate, according to Echono. He explained that desk officers play a crucial role as intermediaries between beneficiary institutions and the Fund, overseeing activities and interventions from initiation to completion.

Echono stressed that the workshop aimed to bridge gaps between the Fund and beneficiary institutions, particularly in terms of procedures and processes related to various intervention lines.

He further informed the participants that the Fund’s guidelines had recently been updated and would be shared with them soon. Echono encouraged desk officers to take full advantage of the workshop to address issues affecting their institutions and share insights on enhancing intervention lines.

Regarding the audit process, Echono highlighted proactive measures taken to address distressed projects across institutions. By revisiting the audit process and implementing a robust Monitoring & Evaluation policy, the Fund has succeeded in expediting the execution of physical infrastructure interventions.

In conclusion, Echono emphasized the significance of the workshop in fostering collaboration and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of TETFund’s interventions across beneficiary institutions. He encouraged active participation and contributions from desk officers to further enhance their operations.


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