In Bantu village, located within the Ningi local government area of Bauchi State, Furera Abubakar, a 24-year-old stepmother, is alleged to have committed the murder of her co-wife’s infant,wikkitimes report.

According to Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, the spokesperson for the Bauchi Police Command, who conveyed this information in a statement to the press, the baby in question was born on August 15 and tragically lost its life just four days later.

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Investigations have revealed that the suspect entered the room of her co-wife with a container of insecticide liquid, identified as Gramalin, which she applied to the baby’s unhealed umbilical cord. It is suspected that this corrosive substance had a detrimental effect on the baby’s health, ultimately leading to its untimely demise.

Wakil also mentioned that further investigations are currently being conducted discreetly, and upon completion, the suspect will be thoroughly profiled and subsequently charged in court in accordance with the law.


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