The ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) Board of Directors has urged an immediate and comprehensive review of budgetary allocations, emphasizing a focus on policies that directly impact the well-being and livelihoods of ordinary Nigerians, rather than exclusively benefiting those in office,Daily Trust reports.

This call was made in a communiqué released on Sunday in Abuja following the board’s 51st meeting held in Ilorin, Kwara State. The communiqué, jointly signed by the Board Chair, Dr. Jummai Umar Ajijola, and Vice Chair, Mr. Mac Amarere, called on lawmakers to reassess government spending priorities, advocating for both federal and state governments to prioritize economic revitalization measures over luxury expenditures.

The board specifically emphasized the need for a thorough examination of President Bola Tinubu’s proposed budget to ensure effective implementation strategies, transparency, and accountability. In addition, the board demanded inclusivity in the budget review process, opposed increasing the tax burden on the poor or excessive borrowing, and recommended progressive revenue-generation strategies, including reducing the cost of governance.

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Addressing the tragic incident in Kaduna resulting from a mistaken military airstrike during a religious gathering, causing significant loss of life and injury, the AAN board condemned the incident. They called on the federal government to establish an independent team, inclusive of civil society organizations, religious leaders, and traditional leaders, to conduct an immediate, thorough, and impartial investigation. Transparent communication throughout the investigative process was stressed, with the board emphasizing that affected families deserve justice, and those responsible must be held accountable.

The communiqué also urged the state government to facilitate the immediate provision of medical assistance to the injured and address the pressing needs of the affected communities. As advocates for social justice, the AAN board expressed a resolute stand in demanding swift action to prevent such incidents in the future and to reassure citizens of their safety.


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