The Goldmine South African investment group, boasting twenty-five years of experience in the sector, has made a significant entrance into Nigeria, aiming to invest in the solid minerals industry,leadership reports.

Dr. Ijeoma Kalu Agbonma MPM, the Convener of the Proclaim Nigeria Women Project, disclosed this development to journalists in Abuja.

She stated that the investor group has already conducted visits to regions rich in solid mineral deposits across various states in Nigeria. These investments are poised to create employment opportunities for the country’s youth and enhance foreign direct investment.

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Dr. Kalu Agbonma highlighted that the annual profits generated from these investments will be directed towards providing free basic compulsory education for out-of-school children and supporting healthcare delivery in host communities.

Notable figures among the South African investors in the mining industry include Israeli investor Ben Yamin, Dr. Kalu Ijeoma Agbonma (Convener of Proclaim Nigeria Women Project Worldwide and Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Water Resources), and Henry Okechukwu Chinyeake Okorie (Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Okenstar Properties Ltd), among others.


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