Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have withheld Kylian Mbappe’s wages for April and a substantial bonus amidst a financial dispute as he prepares to leave the French champions, sources close to the negotiations told AFP on Wednesday,Daily Trust reports.

The decision to withhold Mbappe’s salary stems from an agreement made last year at the start of the season, where Mbappe agreed to waive part of a bonus owed to him, the source said.

Despite this, the talks between the club and the France captain were described as “relaxed,” with optimism for a “positive conclusion.”

“Everything is being sorted out,” the source said, without confirming the exact amount due to Mbappe.

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Another source informed AFP that PSG also withheld a bonus payment, bringing the total amount in question to approximately 80 million euros ($86.8 million), confirming figures reported by the sports daily L’Equipe. This source indicated that PSG withheld these payments without warning and without reaching an agreement with Mbappe.

Neither Mbappe’s representatives nor PSG responded to AFP’s request for comment.

Mbappe’s contract expires on June 30, and he has confirmed his intention to leave PSG after seven years, with Real Madrid expected to be his next destination.

Earlier this year, both parties acknowledged that Mbappe had agreed to waive part of a significant bonus to be reinstated to the PSG squad after being initially frozen out at the start of the season. The total amount of these bonuses is estimated to be between 60 and 70 million euros, according to a source close to the club.

Waiving this sum was seen as Mbappe’s way of helping PSG recover some money, given that they will not receive a transfer fee for the 25-year-old upon his departure. However, another source claimed that Mbappe did receive this bonus in February.

Mbappe signed his most recent contract with PSG in 2022, a two-year deal worth approximately 72 million euros before tax. Additionally, he received a 150 million euro signing-on fee, paid in three installments, and a loyalty bonus of 70 million euros for the first year and 80 million euros for the second year. Had he opted to stay for a third year, he would have received a further 90 million euros, according to Le Parisien.


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