Tension gripped the Igueomo community along the Benin-Agbor Road following an unfortunate incident where a man was allegedly struck by a stray bullet, reportedly fired from a police firearm,Daily Trust reports.

The incident unfolded on a Wednesday evening when the victim, identified as a Hausa man, was visiting a POS operator to transfer N4000 to his wife in their village. Reports suggest that a confrontation between some hoodlums and the police prompted the officers to intervene. In the ensuing chase, gunfire erupted, targeting the fleeing suspects. Tragically, the stray bullet found its mark on the victim, leading to his immediate demise.

According to a reliable source, after completing the transaction, the victim became aware of the disturbance in the vicinity and attempted to seek refuge. However, fate intervened as he was struck by the stray bullet while fleeing.

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The community’s youths, incensed by the unjust loss of life, took to the streets in protest. Armed with sticks and machetes, they blocked the road, disrupting traffic flow and preventing passage on both sides. An unfortunate consequence of their actions was the vandalism of a police vehicle attempting to navigate through the area.

As a result of the protest, numerous travelers were forced to disembark from their vehicles and continue their journeys on foot.

When reached for comment, the state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, acknowledged the incident and assured that investigations were underway to ascertain the identities of those involved in the operation.


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