The Niger Delta Peace Front, a group concerned about the impoverished and environmentally devastated Niger Delta region, has issued an appeal to the region’s youth, particularly former militants. They urge these young individuals to refrain from allowing themselves to be used by self-interested individuals seeking to sabotage Nigeria’s economy,leadership report.

The group has cautioned the ex-militants, who have been vocal in criticizing the renewal of the pipeline protection contract, to exercise caution and be wary of unscrupulous individuals who do not have the nation’s best interests at heart. Patterson Efemena, the Chairman of the NDPF, and Onyem Philip, the Secretary, made this appeal in a statement released yesterday.

Efemena expressed bewilderment at how those who greatly benefited from the initial phase of the contract with Tantita are now leading efforts against the firm. The group advises these ex-militants, who have invested significant sums of money in discrediting Tantita and the NNPC in the media, to redirect their energy toward more constructive endeavors.

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The NDPF emphasized that contracts are not secured through threats but rather by demonstrating capacity and a track record in adhering to the contract terms. They urged those who are dissatisfied with the contract renewal decision to show patriotism by supporting TSL, which engaged nearly 18,000 youths from the region to successfully execute the first phase of the oil pipeline contract.

The group recalled that the contract, which has now become a subject of needless controversy, was executed by individuals from the same region for over 12 years without any protests. They pointed out that the orchestrated media campaign is targeting the heart of the Nigerian economy and is led by a powerful group of silent billionaires who view Tantita and the NNPC as adversaries due to their success in combating oil theft.

The statement urged those behind the attacks to cease the blackmail and instead embrace the prevailing national sentiment that demands an end to oil theft. Efemena and Onyem commended President Bola Tinubu and the NNPC under Mr. Mele Kyari for their deliberate decision to build on the gains made in the fight against oil theft, which was spearheaded by Tantita.


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