After a devastating explosion and fire at Guinea’s primary fuel depot claimed the lives of at least 23 people, the Guinean government has declared the resumption of petrol distribution effective Saturday. This decision follows a five-day suspension of petrol supplies, which had severe repercussions on the country’s economy and daily activities,leadership reports.

Since Monday, the populace has faced a petrol shortage, causing significant disruptions across various sectors of the economy. This situation led to demonstrations in Conakry, the capital city, with occasional clashes between security forces and frustrated young citizens demanding the restoration of petrol supplies to service stations.

In an official press release issued on Friday evening, the government outlined its initiatives to address the crisis. Through diplomatic engagements with neighboring countries, the authorities anticipate substantial improvements in fuel supply at service stations.

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To manage the situation, the government introduced a rationing plan for petrol and diesel sales in service stations throughout Guinea. The plan allows 25 liters per vehicle, five liters per motorcycle and tricycle, and imposes a ban on the use of jerry cans. Furthermore, escorted tankers will be deployed to ensure a regulated distribution process.

While diesel supply resumed on Wednesday, the distribution of petrol remained suspended. The fuel depot fire in Conakry’s Kaloum district, near the port, continues to burn, with firefighters persistently battling the flames.

Air quality assessments have identified suspended particles that could pose respiratory health risks, prompting the government to mandate mask-wearing in the affected municipality.

Preliminary evaluations indicate approximately 800 damaged buildings, primarily within a 500-meter radius of the fire’s epicenter. Government reports estimate that about 10,337 individuals were affected by the devastation caused by this tragic incident.


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