Founder of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, has denied allegation of abandonment by the family of late Deborah Samuel, who was murdered in Sokoto State by a mob of Muslim students after being accused of blasphemy,leadership report.

The cleric rather described the Samuel family as ingrates for what he described as falsely accusing him of subjecting them to suffering even after he had made life comfortable for them.

It would be recalled that late the Deborah’s parents had recently alleged that contrary to claims that they were offered a free apartment in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by the OPM founder, the reverse was the case as the landlord of the building had informed them to pay the next rent or prepare to vacate the house.

Deborah’s father, Emmanuel Samuel, said; “From time to time, the OPM leader used to call to check on us. He paid the rent. Right now, the rent for this apartment has expired. The landlord has told us to renew the rent or leave.

“All the appliances and the equipment in this apartment belong to OPM, we don’t own it. The first time OPM brought us to Port Harcourt they brought food items to us. After that first time, we have been struggling on our own…”

But, at a press conference on Saturday, the Cleric popularly known for philanthropy, denied all the allegations against him.

Apostle Chibuzor said, “when I invited them to Port Harcourt, I went to the airport to pick them. When I picked them from the airport, we went straight to the estate. The estate was empty. Considering what they had gone through, it will be wickedness to put them in the estate alone – there were no other tenants. The estate was ready but they couldn’t live there alone. This was the reason I paid one year rent somewhere so that they can have neighbours. I told them don’t come with any load.

“So when the one year rent expired, somebody went and interviewed them and said they were promised a house but are living in a rented house. As I’m talking to you, now they are living in their estate surrounded by tenants.”

He added that the allegations of abandonment were false as he gave them a 14-flat mini estate and made them landlord, so they could collect rent from tenants.

Apostle Chibuzor also said that he gave the father a car to start a taxi business and opened a fully stocked shop for the mother, Mrs. Samuel.

He wondered if they wanted him to visit them to supervise how they are managing the apartments and business.


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