Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has recounted the discovery of his deputy, Philip Shaibu’s, actions against him, revealing that Shaibu’s ambitions to succeed him have driven him to take divisive measures ahead of the 2024 Edo gubernatorial election. Obaseki made these revelations during a gathering with state stakeholders.

In his address, the governor shared, “Shaibu went to Abuja and was openly boasting about his connections and influence there. He claimed ties to the national assembly and asserted his alignment with the president, suggesting they would support his aspirations. He even hinted at alternative plans if he couldn’t secure the PDP ticket.”

Obaseki then explained that during the process of electing officers for the House of Assembly, he discovered further evidence of Shaibu’s ulterior motives. He noted, “While in Abuja, Shaibu contacted the leader of the APC, proposing a scenario where his PDP members and a faction of APC members would collaborate to elect the next speaker, contrary to my preferences. This made me question if we were truly working in harmony.”

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The governor expressed his concern about Shaibu’s actions undermining their shared goals, saying, “These actions were not aligned with our collective interests. I wondered why the deputy governor would pursue a different speakership candidate, opposing the governor’s stance. It raised doubts about our collaboration and loyalty to each other.”

Obaseki pointed out that this incident marked a turning point in their relationship, revealing, “This was the moment I realized that there was a serious problem. Shaibu’s desperation to seize power had pushed him to the extent of attempting to orchestrate a political maneuver against his own governor. His actions left me questioning his loyalty.”

Meanwhile, in response to rumors suggesting he might join the All Progressives Congress (APC) due to his differences with Obaseki, Deputy Governor Shaibu refuted these claims. In a statement issued by his chief press secretary, Musa Ebomhiana, Shaibu dismissed the rumors as the work of troublemakers aiming to disrupt Edo State’s stability.

The statement read, “Those seeking to sow discord in Edo State continue to spread falsehoods. They are now alleging that Shaibu plans to rejoin the APC next week and that he will be welcomed by the APC National Working Committee. However, it is illogical for the NWC to welcome a defector into the party.”

Shaibu urged those involved in spreading these rumors to prioritize the Edo project and the well-being of the people over their personal agendas, concluding his response with a plea for unity and a commitment to the state’s progress.


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