The Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) jointly urge the federal government, led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, along with state governors, to address the pressing issues of inflation, poverty, and insecurity before they escalate further,Daily Trust reports.

In separate statements, both religious organizations express deep concern regarding the current economic hardships and escalating food crisis in the nation. Elder Sunday Oibe, Secretary-General of Northern CAN, highlights the exorbitant costs of essential goods and services, making life increasingly challenging for many Nigerians. CAN emphasizes that ordinary citizens are struggling to cope with the worsening situation, exacerbated by inconsistent power supply and the government’s apparent inability to tackle the economic downturn effectively.

Furthermore, CAN condemns the surge in insecurity, particularly the alarming rise in killings and kidnappings for ransom. They urge immediate government action to address these security challenges, particularly in Plateau state and other affected areas, stressing the importance of holding perpetrators accountable to restore peace and justice.

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Northern CAN also calls on Nigerians to support the current administration in overcoming the setbacks of the previous government and urges President Bola Tinubu to prioritize addressing these critical issues for the nation’s recovery.

Similarly, the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), represented by Secretary-General Professor Khalid Abubakar, describes the current hardships faced by Nigerians, including food insecurity, inflation, poverty, and insecurity, as distressing and requiring urgent attention from the Federal Government.

As Ramadan approaches, JNI implores businesses to resist hoarding essential goods and instead lower prices to alleviate the burden on citizens, invoking the spirit of generosity and kindness exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the holy month.


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