In 2023, Nigeria emerged as the primary consumer of indigenous cuisine in the African market, witnessing a remarkable 25-fold surge in local food orders, according to a survey conducted by Glovo,leadership reports.

Mrs. Lamide Akinola, Glovo Nigeria’s General Manager, revealed these findings in the company’s annual report released in Lagos on Friday.

Highlighting popular items, Akinola listed jollof rice, fried rice, asun rice, chicken, meat pie, and stir-fried spaghetti. She emphasized Nigeria’s steadfast enthusiasm for its local dishes, positioning the country as the fourth-largest global consumer of authentic local food.

Akinola stated, “Despite the availability of other cuisines, Nigerians have consistently shown a deep affection for local dishes, especially jollof rice. The demand for jollof rice witnessed a significant uptick in delivered orders in 2023 compared to 2022, with chicken also emerging as a highly sought-after dish.”

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The majority of food orders were concentrated on Fridays, dominating the total weekly orders throughout 2023, according to Akinola.

She highlighted the substantial earning potential for couriers, revealing that the highest-earning courier in 2023 earned N3,264,039. This underscores the opportunities Glovo provides to couriers in the diverse multi-category industry.

The report also indicated a notable 192% increase in the total number of partners available on the Glovo app in 2023. Additionally, Small and Medium Enterprises experienced a remarkable growth rate of 216%, showcasing Glovo’s commitment to onboarding local stores and fostering their business growth.

Akinola reiterated Glovo’s unwavering commitment to supporting local stores and facilitating their expansion, emphasizing the company’s dedication to nurturing their growth in the market. (NAN)


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