Bandits have shared a video capturing the harrowing situation of villagers abducted from Kafin Koro and Kwagana wards in Paikoro Local Government Area, Niger State.

These individuals were among a group of over 50 people, which included a former ward chairman of the APC, taken captive on May 10, 2023.

While 19 individuals were fortunate enough to secure their release after paying varying amounts as ransom, the remaining victims are now faced with a grave ultimatum.

The distressing video portrays the kidnapped villagers, visibly distraught, as they plead for mercy, while the bandits brazenly fire warning shots near their feet.

Reports indicate that the terrorists have given the families of the remaining hostages a mere two-day window to provide the demanded ransom, failing which dire consequences will follow in the form of their loved ones being killed.

To underscore their seriousness, the bandits have already executed a woman.

However, on Tuesday, June 6, three women among the captives were thankfully set free following the payment of ransom.


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