The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is partnering with the Funky Four Foundation (FFF), a non-governmental organization, to raise awareness among undergraduates in universities across the nine states in the Niger Delta region about developing their talents,leadership reports.

Dr. Michael Adagogo Ogolo, the foundation’s director of operations, explained that the advocacy program, named “Change The Tide,” aims to empower youths to be self-reliant during their academic years and after graduating from tertiary institutions.

Ogolo emphasized that the initiative encourages students to recognize and cultivate their individual talents, fostering skills development while pursuing their academic goals. The goal is to enable these students to be self-sufficient after graduation, creating employment opportunities instead of solely relying on seeking traditional white-collar jobs, which may be scarce due to the nation’s challenging economic conditions.

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The operations director stated, “The idea of the ‘Change The Tide’ Initiative by the Funky Four Foundation in collaboration with NDDC is to inspire university undergraduates not to underestimate their talents, which many possess in areas like music, acting, comedy, and the creative economy.”

He elaborated on the concept of the creative economy, emphasizing the importance of utilizing one’s God-given talents to become self-sufficient and to employ others. Ogolo shared personal experiences of how individuals, including members of the Funky Four, used their talents to support their education, pay bills, assist their families financially, and create employment opportunities for others.

Encouraging the development of skills while in university, he highlighted that mastering a skill enables individuals to create jobs for themselves and become entrepreneurs, ultimately contributing to the growth of the region and fostering a self-sustaining economy.

In conclusion, Ogolo stressed the significance of talent development, asserting that those with honed skills already have jobs, and by nurturing and expanding their abilities, they can contribute to building homes, creating employment opportunities, starting families, and leading fulfilling lives in the Niger Delta region.


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