The Nigerian Bar Association – Abuja Branch (Unity Bar) and Bwari Branch, along with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and Zenith Medical Hospital, are among the eight teams participating in a charity football tournament. The aim is to raise awareness and funds to support individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease,leadership reports.

Dubbed the ‘Zenkida (Zenith Medical Kidney Disease Awareness) Charity Cup 2024’, the tournament also includes participation from a prominent real estate company (Ardron Home) and a television station (Kaftan TV).

Speaking before the tournament commenced at the Turf Arena Pitch, Inside Riverplate Park, Abuja, over the weekend, Dr. Olatise Olalekan, the chief medical director of Zenith Medical and Kidney Center, highlighted kidney disease as a leading cause of mortality, with its prevalence steadily increasing worldwide.

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He emphasized that the tournament’s primary objectives are to raise funds to aid financially challenged chronic kidney disease patients and to promote awareness for kidney disease prevention.

Dr. Olalekan stated, “Football serves as a platform to raise awareness for kidney diseases, considering the global increase in its prevalence. A few years ago, it ranked 19th in causes of mortality worldwide, but now it has risen to 12th or even 11th place. This underscores the importance of taking kidney health seriously. In Nigeria, there is a tendency to neglect health issues until they become severe.”

He added, “Thus, we hope this tournament will not only raise awareness but also provide support for those affected by kidney diseases, particularly those unable to afford medical expenses.”


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