The residents of Amba and Agaza communities in the Kokona local government area of Nasarawa State have issued an ultimatum to Timadex Geomin Consult Limited, accusing the mining company of operating illegally without proper approval,leadership reports.

A letter, signed by Adamu Agye, Overseer of Agwada Development Area; Abubakar S. Obagu, OSU Agwada; Mr. Martins Kure Abashi, Sangarin Amba; and other traditional and youth leaders, alleges that the company’s activities are detrimental to the peace and development of the area.

Our correspondent reports that Amba and Agaza are known for their significant lithium deposits, which have been attracting various mining interests.

The letter explained that upon noticing the questionable activities of the company, local leaders alerted the state government, which sent a delegation to assess the situation.

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The communities stated that instead of exiting the area or legalizing its operations, the company resorted to blackmailing community leaders and the state government through the media.

“While we are not against any indigenous mining company obtaining consent to operate on our land, we insist that such a company must have an unquestionable mining history and capacity to operate.

“We urge the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, the Director General of the Cadastral Office, and the Governor of Nasarawa State to ensure that only reputable mining companies with the requisite capacity, whether local or foreign, are granted licenses,” the letter stated.

The letter emphasized that while governments worldwide welcome development and progress, they will not tolerate actions that undermine the security of their people.

“We view Governor Abdullahi Sule’s actions to ensure well-coordinated and productive mining activities, devoid of insecurity and threats to the lives of our community members, as good intentions and the right actions of any responsible government. This is especially important considering the devastating consequences that can accompany mining activities.

“We want to draw the attention of Timadex Geomin Consult that the communities of Amba and Agwada fully support the Chinese companies (Black Stone New Energy Limited and Black Gem New Energy Limited), contrary to Timadex Geomin Consult’s claim that locals are protesting their land being sold without consent.

“We categorically state that any attempt by individuals or groups to support illegal mining activities in these communities will be strictly resisted,” the letter warned.


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