The National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for signing into law the groundbreaking Student Loan Bill.

The bill, which provides interest-free loans to indigent Nigerian students, is seen as a significant stride towards ensuring equal access to quality education for all citizens.

In addition, the NAPS President Comr. Anidi Samuel has called on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to sign into law a bill that would abolish the long-standing discrimination and dichotomy between Polytechnic and University degrees.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of NAPS and the student community, the President of NAPS commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s unwavering commitment to the welfare and empowerment of Nigerian Students.

The enactment of the Student Loan Bill is viewed as a historic milestone, poised to transform the lives of countless students who previously faced financial barriers in their pursuit of higher education.

“We are truly grateful for Mr President’s visionary decision to sign the Student Loan Bill into law. This remarkable step will create unprecedented opportunities for talented and deserving students from less privileged backgrounds, enabling them to fulfill their aspirations without the burden of financial constraints,” stated the NAPS President.

Highlighting the transformative power of accessible education, the NAPS President emphasized the significance of the Student Loan Bill in fostering inclusive growth and national prosperity.

By providing interest-free loans, the government has paved the way for the marginalized to access quality education, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the development of Nigeria.

While celebrating this historic achievement, on his Facebook Page the NAPS President took the opportunity to draw attention to the discrimination and dichotomy that persist between Polytechnic and University degrees.

The organization has long advocated for the abolition of this discriminatory practice, which limits the career opportunities and recognition of Polytechnic graduates.

“The National Association of Polytechnic Students firmly believes in the equal recognition of all Nigerian graduates, irrespective of the educational institution they attend. Discrimination against Polytechnic graduates hampers their career prospects and stifles their potential contributions to our nation’s growth,” stated the NAPS President.

“We respectfully urge President Tinubu to lend his assent to the bill seeking to abolish the Polytechnic-University degree discrimination. This step will foster an equitable society and empower all Nigerian students to excel in their chosen fields.”

Comr Anidi’s plea to end the discrimination between Polytechnic and University degrees aligns with the organization’s vision of promoting equal opportunities and a level playing field for all Nigerian students.

By eliminating this artificial barrier, Nigeria’s educational system will move closer to international best practices, empowering Polytechnic graduates and fostering national progress.

As the nation eagerly awaits President Tinubu’s response to the plea for the abolition of the discriminatory practice, the spotlight remains on the government’s ongoing efforts to create an inclusive educational landscape that enables every Nigerian student to unlock their full potential and contribute to the nation’s development.


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