The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has implemented additional measures to combat the presence of unbranded cereals and large-scale food items entering open markets, potentially originating from food manufacturing company warehouses,leadership reports.

Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, the Director General, addressed this issue during an end-of-year stakeholders’ open dialogue and feedback session with food manufacturing companies. She expressed concern about the health hazards associated with unbranded milk and cereals being dispensed in unsanitary conditions, posing risks to unsuspecting consumers.

Represented by Mrs. Eva Edwards, the Director of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (FSAN), Adeyeye registered the Agency’s concerns about the persistent problem of bulk food items flooding markets, either directly from manufacturing plants or their suppliers, deeming it unacceptable.

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Adeyeye highlighted that these items enter the country through companies applying to use them in the manufacture of NAFDAC registered products. However, she expressed dismay at finding such items being sold in open markets in unmeasured quantities. Consequently, she emphasized a critical review of the process of issuing permits for bulk food raw materials.

The Agency has introduced additional measures to assess and verify the utilization records of companies applying for import permits for bulk food raw materials. Adeyeye explained that the focus is not only on stock cards but also on understanding what was imported and used in the previous year. The aim is to prevent companies from requesting more than necessary.

Adeyeye emphasized the need for companies to provide records demonstrating the proper utilization of requested quantities in previous cycles. If companies can prove responsible utilization, the Agency will consider and grant approval based on their business levels.

While recognizing the profit motive in business projections, Adeyeye stressed the importance of avoiding the diversion of goods into open markets. She underscored the risks of unhygienic practices and the negative impact on food safety and hygiene for the general population.

Fred Chiazor, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Association of Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Employers (AFBTE), commended NAFDAC for its proactive response to industry developments. He highlighted the collaborative partnership between FSAN and stakeholders, emphasizing the shared goal of industry improvement.


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