Tragedy struck the Yadagungume community in Bauchi State’s Ningi local government area on Saturday as a mining site collapsed, claiming the lives of at least four individuals.

Reports indicate that these unfortunate victims, who were engaging in unauthorized mining activities, lost their lives over the weekend when the site unexpectedly gave way while they were diligently excavating lead.

An individual who witnessed the incident, preferring to remain unnamed, disclosed that these artisanal miners had been toiling away at the site for several months, focusing on lead extraction. Regrettably, the collapse proved fatal, entombing them beneath the rubble.

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Our sources have confirmed that the bodies of the four miners have since been recovered from the site of the tragic accident.

Speaking about the incident, Hon. Ibrahim Zubairu, the caretaker chairman of Ningi local government area, expressed his condolences and shared further details. He revealed that the victims had been trapped within a pit at an illegal mining site situated in the Kogo Kadage forest, approximately seven kilometers from Yadagungume town.

“I received reports yesterday, on Saturday, that four individuals were trapped within a mining pit. I immediately instructed that efforts be made to rescue them. Subsequently, I was informed that three bodies had been successfully retrieved,” stated Zubairu, the interim LG chairman.

He went on to express his astonishment at the illegal activities occurring at the site, particularly since the local government had already issued a ban on all forms of unauthorized mining. The chairman emphasized that he was completely taken aback when he learned of the incident.

To address the alarming issue of illegal mining and related land matters, a dedicated committee has been established and assigned the responsibility of monitoring and controlling these activities. Additionally, the Burra Divisional Police Officer has been instructed to oversee the mining sites, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Zubairu issued a stern warning to residents, urging them to refrain from engaging in unlawful mining activities. The government is committed to taking strict action against anyone caught participating in such activities.

As the local government chairman, Zubairu extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased victims. He offered prayers for the families, asking for strength to endure this irreplaceable loss during this difficult time.


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