The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has once again emphasized its plea for the federal government to establish a dedicated fund to support the manufacturing sector within the country,leadership report.

MAN’s National President, Otunba Francis Meshioye, reiterated this call during a two-day conference and exhibition organized by the Rivers/Bayelsa States chapter of the association in Port Harcourt.

Meshioye stressed the importance of funding for the manufacturing sector and advised the government not to concentrate solely on the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Josey Nkwocha, the Head of Corporate Communications at Indorama Group, contributed to the discussion by highlighting that the Niger Delta region possesses abundant resources but may lack the knowledge of how to effectively utilize them. He pointed out the potential for the Niger Delta to become a hub for various industries, citing examples of resources being underutilized.

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Nkwocha noted that Indorama produces polymer, yet a significant portion is processed outside the region. He mentioned that the region imports goods like tanks, seats, pipes, etc., instead of producing them locally. He also highlighted the practice of importing urea and receiving agricultural products from other regions in return. Nkwocha emphasized the need to maximize the region’s comparative advantages.

He encouraged state governments in the South-South geopolitical zone to establish investment promotion agencies aimed at attracting investments to their respective states.

Ekama Emilia Akpan, the CEO of Showers Group, also expressed the need to harness the potential of the youth population and instill in them essential life values.


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