Nasir el-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna, recently utilized social media to share an enigmatic message a few weeks subsequent to the senate’s denial of his confirmation as a minister.

El-Rufai’s name was one of the 48 ministerial candidates put forth by President Bola Tinubu for evaluation and endorsement by the upper legislative body.

However, during the scrutiny that took place on August 7, the ex-governor of Kaduna State, along with two other nominees, did not secure approval from the senate.

The senate cited “adverse” security appraisals against el-Rufai, stipulating that he must await clearance.

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This development prompted responses both within and beyond the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Though there were accounts suggesting that el-Rufai had chosen to withdraw from the race due to the delay, the former governor of Kaduna has maintained a quiet stance on the matter.

Nevertheless, in a post on X — formerly known as Twitter — on Sunday, el-Rufai shared the verses from Bob Marley’s song ‘Who The Cap Fit’.

“The interactions between individuals can be deeply unjust, my children/ Identifying whom to rely upon is not straightforward/ Your most formidable adversary might pose as your staunchest companion/ And your closest confidant, your most undermining adversary/ Some will share meals and drinks in your company,” articulated the former governor.

“Thank the heavens, we’ve surmounted the direst moments/ Pretenders and leeches (pretenders and leeches)/ Will emerge to take advantage (will emerge to take advantage)/ And if your nighttime transitions to daylight/ Numerous individuals would hastily retreat/ Those who the hat is suited for, should proudly don it!/ Those who the hat is suited for, should wear it!”

In an apparent reference to El-Rufai’s post, Shehu Sani, the former Kaduna senator, tweeted that he has “converted him into a Rastafarian and Reggae artist”.

El-Rufai and Sani were once aligned but their connection deteriorated over the past few years.


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