A yet-to-be-identified man has been found dead in a hotel room where he lodged with a commercial sex worker in Lagos.

According to a Facebook post by Sagacious Bello Lukman, the man lodged with the girl in a hotel in Lagos Island on Friday but was found dead hours later.

The incident took place at Omidunu street.

The report also stated that the lady bolted away on noticing the man had died.

When the receptionist knocked on the door to inform him that his time had elapsed, they met the door locked and nobody answered them.

They informed the police who forced the door open only to find the man dead lying on the bed without any mark on his body.

Two months ago, a Lagos-based man, Abdulwaheed Lamidi died while cooling off with his online lover at City international motel in the Ikotun area of Lagos.


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